Why is Physical Therapy so special?

Physical Therapists are movement specialists. We are trained to diagnose different injuries and pathologies and to intervene and help people find ways to improve their quality of life through movement. We spend extensive one-on-one time with our patients to discover the root cause of their problems. As we identify implicated tissues and syndromes, we find practical ways to correct abnormal movements and integrate these strategies into an individual’s daily life. We are experienced in a variety of treatment techniques and modalities that will help your natural healing process, we are knowledgeable in body mechanics and ergonomics, and we are eager to share our advice to make your life easier and more efficient.

We offer comprehensive services 

In our practice, we treat many people with injuries and pathologies of the arms, legs, and spine. As we work on restoring range of motion and strength of the affected areas, we find creative ways for you to stay active and work out around the injury. Staying active helps maintain the overall strength and aerobic endurance, decreases stress, and promotes faster recovery.

When working with older adults, we emphasize that it does not matter how old you are or how many health conditions you have, you can make improvements at any age with the right coaching. As physical therapists, we are the key professionals that help address common declines in strength, mobility, and balance that can occur in older age.

We treat patients with various neurological conditions, including Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and strokes, as well as provide rehabilitation after brain surgeries. These neurological diagnoses usually require prolonged physical therapy intervention. We have created a nurturing atmosphere in our clinic and implement a variety of therapeutic approaches to provide productive and stimulating sessions. Many of our patients with degenerative neurological conditions have been able to improve and maintain their functional level for many years after their initial diagnosis.

In our clinic we offer a variety of services for Women’s Health conditions that may arise at different life stages and events. We can help you gain control over bladder issues, prevent side effects of osteoporosis, minimize complications after breast or abdominal surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Our prenatal and postpartum program is designed to assist women in preventing and recovering from health issues that arise during and after pregnancy. Our goal is to empower women with knowledge on how to stay ahead of pain and restore health and fitness.

Your Physical Therapy experience

Your first PT visit is a clinical evaluation, where we go through the entire sequence of exams and techniques to identify the root of your pain or dysfunction. Your physical therapy treatment is an open dialogue and a process that includes your participation while in the clinic, as well as compliance with home exercises and recommendations on the lifestyle and environmental modifications. The best outcomes usually occur when we have an open dialogue on the aspects that are going well and those that need to be adjusted, as we work through each session. 

Direct access to Physical Therapy

Patients have a right and are able to access physical therapy directly prior to meeting with their physician. If you sustained a minor injury, like an ankle sprain, or hurt your back, you can directly go to see a physical therapist. Prior to your evaluation we will check your insurance benefits for you and find out exactly what your benefits are and what your expected cost may be. We work as a team with your other medical care providers. If we feel that there are red flags and that there is something that needs further diagnostic work, we will refer you to a physician of your choice.

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Our family Physical Therapy practice was established in 1996. We hold Master of Science Degrees in Physical Therapy from the University of the Pacific. We have extensive training and are certified in many rehabilitation approaches, including:


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